Tuesday, March 22, 2011

State of 3RM

So, what has happened to 3RM this past month? Why the sudden end to news posts, demo overviews, video uploads, and the like?

Well, first off, the current members of 3RM are working on two projects likely not to be announced in the near future. Sorry to say that, but we hope to reveal them before the year is out.

Secondly, the news minion has had major headaches and other issues during this time frame. It has been a tiring time for us here, so we decided to postpone news reporting until we have something actually concrete and focused to show.

Game On: Let's Play's next episode is ready to upload, and it will arrive this week. The next Third Rate Game Play will also be arriving in the next two weeks.

We are also working on something new, and we hope to have it uploaded in the next two to three weeks.

In light of the lateness, the WiiWare Demos Overviews are done. I'd love working on them, but they are taking a bit more time than I anticipated. Reviews will be reborn in the coming months once we get the ball rolling again.

Finally, PAX East. We didn't go. Nope. We went last year under Game On, and you can view all those videos at our YouTube page. We could not go to the much bigger and better one this year due to financial concerns, so hopefully next year will prove to be a much better experience.

So that's the deal with us so far. Expect those shows and some updates later this week!