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We here at Third Rate Minion love games and we love history.  So, put our loves together, and we have ourselves a love triangle of video games.

Over the years, we have produced gaming history retrospectives, and here is the place you can see them all summarized for your viewing pleasure.

There are few characters out there who have lived a more versatile life than Kirby.  Capable of swallowing foes and copying their abilities, the one tough creampuff is one unique destructive force this side of Warp Star.  On that note, his games act in the same way.  There are so many unique experiences starring Kirby, from Pinball to Golf to a yarn-designed side-scrolling adventure.  This series takes a look at the first 20 years of Kirby's life.  The video series was developed and released on both our official channel and NintendoWorldReport's old YouTube channel, which starts at the video linked here.

It has been a decade since Nintendo released its last major F-Zero game, and having been so long in hibernation, we decided to look back and reminisce about the series, its ups, its downs, and those times it flew sideways into a giant pillar and exploded.  Good times.  This video was released first on NintendoWorldReportTV (linked here), and later posted on our YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for more video adventures!

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