Game On: Lets Play

Created in late 2008 by the members of Third Rate Minion (then known as Oblong Studio), this was a television show for Rowan Television Network at Rowan University.  Set in an average hour slot, the show depicts select people as they play through a number of video games new and old, whether they do well at them or not. Not every game is completed, and those that are are not necessarily completed with great skill, but there is great fun to be had, regardless of outcome.

1.01: Sonic the Hedgehog (Links to Youtube)
1.01: Sonic the Hedgehog
1.02: Donkey Kong Country (Links to Youtube)
1.02: Donkey Kong Country
1.03: Starfox 64
1.03: Star Fox 64
1.04: Star Fox
1.05: Super Troll Islands

1.06: Mega Man 2
2.01: Madden NFL 09
2.02: Jet Grind Radio
2.03: Sonic Adventure (Sonic Pt 1)
2.04: Jaws
2.05: Raiden Trad
2.06: Sonic Adventure (Tails)
3.01: NiGHTS into Dreams
3.02: Taito Legends 2
3.03: Left 4 Dead (Death Toll)
3.04: Super Metroid (Part 1)
3.05: Super Metroid (Part 2)
3.06: Super Metroid (Part 3)
3.07: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
3.08 Mega Man X
3.10 Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll
3.11 Rez