Sunday, May 20, 2012

Game On: Let's Play 3.10 - Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll

Game: Super Monkey Ball: 
    Step and Roll
System: Wii
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Player: Alex

Okay, so I expect the first thought regarding this episode to be typo-related.  This is not actually the case.  There exists an episode of Game On: Let's Play which will not be released online, as of this post.  The player requested that we do not release it, and we are honoring that request.  So, let's not talk about that episode and talk about the next one: Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll!

This was part of a marathon of multiple episode recordings, and it ultimately led to the most episodes of GOLP in a single session (5 in total).  This is actually the second recording of that marathon, and of all episodes, this is the most recent game we play.  Unfortunately, its new, fresh scent at the time did not return in a pleasant taste to our gaming mouths.  Alas, we took it upon ourselves to play it, and much to your pain, you get to see Alex on a Balance Board steering a monkey in a ball, poorly.

Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll was the second Wii title in the Super Monkey Ball franchise, a series that had only begun less than a decade ago as an arcade experience.  Super Monkey Ball, developed by then-Amusement Vision (better known for Daytona USA), was a GameCube port of the Monkey Ball arcade game, complete with multiple difficulties and a couple multiplayer modes.  Super Monkey Ball 2 added a unique Story Mode, complete with levels different from that of the Arcade Mode, not to mention it added new multiplayer modes and expanded on older ones.  These two games and a few exclusive new levels would be released on Xbox and PlayStation 2 as Super Monkey Ball Deluxe.  Shortly after the DS game Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll released, Traveler's Tales developed a unique game in the series called Super Monkey Ball Adventure.  Following this, the Wii-launch title Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz emerged with a new jump ability as well as boss battles for more customary adventure game experiences.  Between Banana Blitz and Step and Roll, Super Monkey Ball received five games on mobile platforms and another arcade game.  Following Step and Roll, Super Monkey Ball 3D emerged on the 3DS's launch, and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz is currently in development for the PlayStation Vita.

This episode took a bit of reworking before it got online.  When it was first filmed and edited, it was prepped as though it were for an SD screen, as RTN displayed in 3:4 display, but as we brought these games online, it became apparent that having it in widescreen would be best.  Had we not reedited the episode, the quality would not be nearly as good as it was here.  In the end, I'm glad by the reedit that was put into it getting it out for you, the viewers, to see.

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