Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kirby's Retrospective Part II

Presenting our latest multi-segment retrospective video series - a look through 20 years of Kirby!

We are presenting this in association with Nintendo World Report.  They are cool guys, and you should all check them out (and if you were sent here by them, great to see you!).  We'll be posting the other two parts in the coming days, so stay tuned!

In this part, Kirby ventures from the Super Nintendo to the wondrous world of 3D, but not without a few hard bumps. We cover games such as Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, all the way through the GameCube oddball racer Kirby Air Ride and the GBA adventure Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.  We witness the creation of WARPSTAR and the departure of Kirby's creator, and we end this part facing the current generation with still much more Kirby to come.  Enjoy!

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