Thursday, April 14, 2011

3RM Plays 3DS

Well, after a little longer than initially expected, we have finally filmed and compiled a series of videos in which we take part in examining the newly-released Nintendo 3DS. You can watch all of the videos here, or click this link to be sent to the playlist on Youtube.

What we cover:
1. The 3DS Packaging and contents
2. The 3DS Hardware itself
3. The 3DS HOME Menu
4. Nintendo 3DS Camera
5. StreetPass Mii Plaza
6. Mii Maker
7. Nintendo 3DS Sound
8. Miscellaneous Applications (Health Info, Download Play, Settings, Activity Log)
9. Face Raiders
10. AR Games

We will provide more videos in future, including our impressions on the device after a few weeks of play. Meanwhile, expect new reviews and accompanied videos in the near-ish future. And more Third Rate Game Play. And more Game On: Let's Play stuff. And lost footage of Game On from 2010.

The minions are going to be busy!

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