Saturday, June 25, 2011

Game On: The Lost Episode (5.03)

Let us rewind a year and some change. The day was April 22nd, 2011, and Game On's new format was a success. Unfortunately, graduation and finals pounded on the team constantly at this point, and frankly, the workload outweighed the benefit to finishing the episode.

So, over a year after filming, we present, for historical sake, the partially-edited and organized draft of Game On Episode 5.03. The video contains completed skits and the bloopers and content in between them. Another short and random video was filmed immediately following the Game On shoot, but that will be shown in another video, due to its clear irrelevance.

What the episode was planned to have:

1) Game News: This was to include a clip of Captivate 2010, in which Marvel Vs Capcom 3 was announced. NPD Sales and Nintendo-related information was also conveyed. Ubisoft's removal of manuals also padded the news segment. The Captivate video was partially completed, but it was deleted when the episode was disbanded.

2) PAX East 2010: Hydro Thunder Hurricane. This was a gameplay clip of a single level playthrough while the developer from Vector Unit discussed the game concept to us. This video is complete and available:

3) Impressions: Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. We did not play the game enough to claim it as a review, but we did play it enough to at least give it some impressions and video footage. The footage was recorded, but glitches in the recording system made audio almost impossible to get. The actual text was written but not finalized.

4) Quick-Look: Afterburner Climax. A short five-minute playthrough of the XBLA trial. It was recorded and waited for the episode's completion.

5) PAX East 2010: Mommy's Best Games. An interview with Nathan Fouts about his current output and looks toward the future. Includes discussion on Weapon of Choice, 1Up Shooter, and Grapple Buggy. This was finished and released:

6) Review: Olu. This Xbox Live Indie Game was fully recorded and had a fully-written review up. However, the actual editing never took place, leaving this Rez-like in limbo.

Overall, the episode's content was pretty packed, and while we had progressed into it somewhat, the workload just became too much at the time. As a result, the epsiode was cancelled, but now you can watch the in-studio skits, showing what could have been.

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