Monday, March 12, 2012

State of 3RM: March Edition

Hello, everyone!  Spring has nearly sprung (though for us, it felt like Winter roared and then got punted into the stratosphere), so I feel it is time to give a little update on our lil' ol' blog thingie.

First off, we're going to PAX East this year!  Of course, we are not going to be heading there unprepared.  We have things in store for the convention and its attendees, and we will have videos and the like of the show in the weeks following it.  We did not attend 2011's PAX East due to financial concerns, but we DID attend the first year, complete with over an hour of footage to commemorate it.  We hope to get at least double that, but regardless of what happens, we're bound to have a lot of fun (and by proxy, you should, too)!

Secondly, there is the issue with Game On: Let's Play.  We're nearing the two-year anniversary for 3RM as well as the anniversary for the end of Game On: Let's Play.  We still have about seven episodes left to upload, some of which are very important to episodes of Third Rate Game Play.  So, over the next two months or so, we will be uploading the remaining episodes for your pleasure.  We are still discussing the release of one particular episode, but I won't go into full disclosure over it just yet.  Oh, and I finally updated the darn page dedicated to all of the episodes, so no need to fish around for them.

Then there is the backlog of Third Rate Game Play.  We have over fifty episodes floating in the aether, so expect us to start uploading those with relative speed as well.  The articles for them will remain as deep as they were before, although GOLP episodes will be shorter in written content.  We will not be uploading them chronologically; instead we will bounce back and forth from our older episodes to the newer ones to keep you on your toes.

As for Reviews, we are trying to get a few more out in the month of March, as after PAX East I doubt we'll be energized for them. We currently have only one Video Review on Youtube, but we will be getting back on track for that soon enough!  Then there are actual articles, which we hope to start rolling out sometime after the PAX East coverage ends.  Also, a podcast could start sooner rather than later, so you can listen to us on the go!

Anyways, just giving you some perspective of where we are for the month of March and what to see coming into April.  Have fun, y'all!

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