Friday, June 1, 2012

E3 2012: All Predictions and our Plans!

It is that time of year, and in less than a few days (actually, as of this posting, Konami's Pre-E3 Event is pretty much a couple hours away), the Electronic Entertainment Expo for 2012 will be upon us.  While we here at Third Rate Minion are small stuff compared to the bigger media guys out there and will not be present there, we are still up to the challenge providing our input on the event, starting from predictions and going through impressions as well.

We begin with these four videos, predictions for each of the big three and one consolidated glance at the third party offerings this year.  The predictions are comprised of expected showings, educated guesses, and a few crazy pipe dreams, just what everyone wants from predictions, right?  We do spend a bit more time this year discussing the games in earnest, in case there are some games we mention that you do not know much about.

We should also mention that we filmed these last weekend, so there have been some recent announcements which no doubt already hurt our predictions a bit.  Still, there are still PLENTY more places where we can be wrong, too!

Part 1: Microsoft

Part 2: Sony

Part 3: Nintendo

Part 4: Third Parties

As for our future coverage, we will be live-tweeting whatever press conferences we can watch.  Monday is rife with issues on our side, so do not expect any tweeting during Microsoft and EA's conferences.  However, we should be good for both Ubisoft and Sony's later that evening.  Nintendo will also be live-tweeted, provided I have no issues with the Internet at that time.

After all events have been completed, we will wait until late Wednesday to film our impressions, after which we will post them for you all to see by the end of the week.  We will also produce a bonus evaluation video in which we go through each prediction, one by one, for full evaluation.  We are also producing BINGO cards for the big three conferences (Microsoft's conference will be watched after Sony's, and us calling BINGO will be made then if we hit it.)  The cards should be posted on the site this weekend, so you can all play along!

While being at E3 would be much greater, staying here and watching the madness from affair can also be a good thing, too!  Here's to a crazy awesome E3!

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