Sunday, June 3, 2012

E3 2012: The BINGO Cards

Alright, everyone!  Here is our three BINGO cards representing the big three for this year's E3.  Now, we will be marking off these cards as presentations go through, and as such, we will shout BINGO via twitter when we get it.  Now, as said in the last post, Microsoft will unfortunately be having their conference while we will not be available to watch it, but we will state via tweet when we start watching the conference (no live-tweeting though) and shout BINGO if we get it.

For Nintendo, we know they have several events happening (today included).  As such, we will use different markings for the three events.  Nintendo Direct will be marked in blue, the Conference will be marked in red, and the Software Showcase (or any surprise unveiling) will be marked in green.  For the other two, red markings will be used during the conferences.  We will post our final cards after our impression videos.




Most of what we used in the cards were what we predicted in the videos, with a few twisted additions here and there.  Meanwhile, we will be producing a GameTrailersTV and Konami Pre-E3 Event video for impressions as well, but it will follow the above conferences.

Anyways, feel free to make your own or download ours and play along!  Let's get this party started!  And don't forget to follow our twitter account for livetweets about significant events at the show (sans Microsoft and EA due to other business).  Follow the link to your right to check it out!

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