Thursday, June 6, 2013

E3 2013: The Predictions

Wait, is it that time again already?  Cripes, we were not ready for this.  Our bodies were not ready!

Oh, you're here.  Well, this is awkward....

E3 2013 is upon us!  After one of the most lackluster E3s in recent memory, we are hoping there are bombs dropped and megatons revealed all over our faces.  But of course, we do need to be a little realistic here.  I mean, there is doubtful to be any surprise buyouts or sudden releases, but still, if there was a year where the competition was fierce, this would be the one.

In our first step of E3 coverage, we bring to you our predictions for Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and all the third parties we can muster in four videos.  We will be posting BINGO cards for the big three shortly, but for now, it is time for those impressions to be let loose!  (Note: these predictions were made on the 4th of June before any major announcements and leaks were made)

Part I: Microsoft
Now is the time for Microsoft to show us that Xbox One actually plays games.

Part II: Sony
Sony wants us to want the PlayStation 4, but let us not forget the older siblings.

Part III: Nintendo
They won't be having a conference, but they have to give us the big games regardless!

Part IV: Third Parties

Stay Tuned for more coverage coming soon!

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