Monday, June 28, 2010

APB Runs Ads Through Voice Chat

As if MMOs couldn't advertise any more, reports have claimed that Realtime World's All Points Bulletin published by EA would run audio ads through voiceoverIP unless users pay for "Premium VOIP."

This service, according to the game's options menu, "removes ads from the voip for 30, 90, and 180 days." Apparently the ads will only appear once every few hours and will only happen when transitioning to new areas, but it is still another nickel-and-dime concept for the title.

APB is an MMOGTA in which players can assume the roles of criminals or enforcers, building credibility and eventually keeping the streets clean for society or taking over what civilization exists. The game has earned some negativity already for a payment structure which allows players to buy exclusive time at Action Zones, where the shooting mainly happens.

Now, some of these options may be purchased with game points earned in-game, but it would not seem unlikely that players may purchase points with real cash instead.

As long as it doesn't cost us extra to have different hair color, I think we don't need to be extremely dissatisfied, yet. Or should we stop the microtransactions before they start?


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