Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekly Releases: 6/27/10

Hey everybody! Summer is now in full swing (and the sun has decided to roast all of the East Coast like a barbecue), but don't forget about the releases coming out. Pretty much every week a new significant release comes out, and we here at Third Rate Minion want to make sure you readers are aware of what's out (or about to come out for that matter).

Significant Releases:

Sin and Punishment: Star Successor (Wii)

Developer: Treasure (Gunstar Heroes, Ikaruga)
Publisher: Nintendo

An arcade shooter sequel to the Japanese-only release Sin and Punishment, player assume the roles of Isa and Kachi, two people thrown into a...erm...hard to say. The last game is available on the Wii Virtual Console for 1000 points, and the plot gets very hectic. It's insane.

Ninety-Nine Nights II (360)

Developer: Q? Entertainment / Feelplus (Lumines / Lost Odyssey)
Publisher: Konami

A hack-n-slash title akin to Dynasty Warriors, this game throws in a much less historically-accurate story and brings in magic, demons, and everything in between. Plus, it apparently supports up to one millions troops.

Singularity (PC/360/PS3)

Developer: Raven Software (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Wolfenstein)
Publisher: Activision

Players assume the role of Nate Renko, an Air Force pilot who crashes onto a mysterious island which shifts constantly between 1950 and 2010. This time-focused FPS looks to be something unique, at least from that standpoint.

Other releases:
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (All)
Naughty Bear (PS3/360)
Trinity Universe (PS3)
DeathSmiles (360)
Ancients of Ooga (XBLA)
Puzzle Quest 2 (XBLA)
The Last Airbender (Wii/DS)
Jett Rocket (WiiWare)
Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip! (PSP)
All Points Bulletin (PC)

Don't forget that the highlighted games aren't necessarily the best games, but they are the ones with most notice heading into the week. And don't forget about titles past, which will be linked at the end of each of these posts.

Game on!


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