Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NYCC 2011: Postmortem

Our adventure into this year's New York Comic Con was not exactly as peachy as we would have liked, but when is a convention not stressful? We were only able to attend the Thursday and Friday events for both economical and physical reasons, but we got a handful of videos and impressions to make for you all.


At last, just under a month after the event itself, we end our coverage with a postmortem discussion regarding our time at the show. We discuss games we played but did not film as well as games we wanted to film or play but could not.

We give our final impressions on games we played and on the show itself. We had quite a few places to improve, but overall, for the short time we were there, we believe to have done a good job.

As the year slowly closes, we look to PAX East 2012 with our weapons, or camera, drawn.

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