Monday, May 7, 2012

PAX East 2012: Dragon Fantasy

In PAX East, people might have noticed the old-school RPG Precipice of Darkness 3, but if they looked just around the corner, they would also find another classic RPG in the works: Dragon Fantasy Book Two, courtesy of Muteki Corporation.  We got to speak with Adam Rippon, the company's Creative Director, about the project and the company.  Check after the break for a preview of the game.

Dragon Fantasy is a retro RPG with a humorous twist.  The first book of the game takes place over three chapters, each starring a different cast of characters, all of whom will eventually meet up in the story.  The lead character is Ogden, a warrior of his time, about three decades earlier; now, he is bald and well past his prime.  After the Prince is captured by the evil Dark Knight, however, it is up to him to save the day, but he will need some help along the way.  Alongside the three chapters, a unique Intermission Chapter was developed using the world of Minecraft, with Notch's blessing of course.  Meanwhile, whereas Book One was broken up into chapters, Book Two appears to be consolidated into one full package.

In Book Two, which was demonstrated at the showfloor, the game has been revamped a bit graphically.  Gone is the 8-bit adventure and in its place sits graphics more akin to the 16-bit era.  In Book Two, the battles are going to change to be more like the RPG battles seen on SNES, with characters seen making the attacks among other added elements.  At the show, however, those elements were not implemented.  Another change discussed and one that was seen was the visibility of enemies.  Whereas Book One was filled with random encounters, Book Two will focus on physical encounters with monsters and might even out random battles on the world map entirely!  Between graphical changes and gameplay modifications, Book Two is a real shift for the game from its previous entry.

Those interested in looking up Book One can try it out on PC, Mac, or iOS platforms, and as for Book Two, Rippon said the game should see a release later this year, although he made no specific details other than that.  You can check it all out on their site here.

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