Wednesday, May 2, 2012

State of 3RM: May 2012 Edition

Well well, it appears we're at the start of another month, boys and girls and robots.  With that, we are off to take a look at what's in store for the month leading up to that magical time of game announcements, fanboy wars, and manly tears - the Electronic Entertainment Expo!

First things first, thanks to everyone who looked at our PAX East posts throughout April!  The traffic was effectively the most we had since the site was formed, and that means plenty of yays and woos from us over here.  Of course, when you have so much content, it tends to cause that, but regardless, it was great to see the reception of some of the posts.  As for videos on YouTube, some of the views were less than expected, but I might blame the articles for that.  Now, while we are talking about PAX East...

Our first step into May is to finish our PAX East coverage.  The show is nearly a month gone, now, but our output is almost finished.  We have finished our coverage of the Indie Megabooth, and we have a couple more videos and interviews to post.  Afterwards, we will post a montage video of various things at the showfloor we recorded not specifically focused on one game.  We also have plans to upload the StreetPass Network Panel, as per request.  That will not be posted on the PAX East playlist, but it will still be uploaded onto Youtube.  After all is said and done, we will do a post-mortem, discussing the games we played, wish we played, and are waiting to play.

Once that is done in a couple weeks, we will be only half a month from E3.  On that note, we will be doing our traditional predictions videos, followed by impressions videos in June after the event itself.  As for our other videos, I hope to get a Game On: Let's Play episode done in the interim, followed by a Third Rate Game Play episode.  Once E3 is past us, expect us to get back into the groove with those, as well as a couple specials far into the horizon.  And as for reviews, well, we are seeing what we can do next.  There are plenty of choices to make, that's for sure!

And for those data-crazy people wondering about Sales-Ratings Data for the last two months, I have them and will post articles about them before the end of the month.

Anyways, that sums up what to expect from us this May.  Enjoy yourselves and remember that May flowers bring Pilgrims and the Polio virus!

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