Friday, March 29, 2013

PAX East 2013: Cult County


Renegade Kid was showing off their already-released and soon-to-be released titles at PAX East 2013, but they were also showing off another project, the newly announced Cult County.  While the demo was only an atmospheric one, we still have a footage of us wandering it and listening to direct game audio, too!

Cult County, says Director Jools Watsham, takes place in a small county in Texas, and the story involves a cult with an affinity for the occult.  He would not give in-depth explanations regarding the plot, and it seems likely the case because, as opposed to Renegade Kid's previous games, Cult County will be an episodic one.  Providing much of the plot now might spoil the experience later on.  Provided the games sell well, new episodes will be released in "seasons" over time.  So far, Watsham says we should be expecting as many as two seasons right now, three episodes a piece.  The first episode will run about four hours in length, but the length of other episodes will have to remain a mystery for now.

In the demo, I controlled someone wielding a wrench, which I could swing in front of me at my discretion.  Using the Circle Pad Pro, I was able to look around the landscape and the demo area with minimal effort.  The distant landmarks were distorted in a sandstorm, and what I could see looked worn and unkempt.  The building I walked around was boarded up and written upon, and when I attacked it with my wrench, it made an audible thump and recoiled the item back.  No clipping through the house, here!  Considering the size of the team, the graphics are certainly looking good so far, and we were told they were going to take this game slowly, so I expect plenty of polish from the team by the time it releases.  One thing is certain: the demo left me with plenty of questions I hope to see answered as we get closer to its release.

Cult County will be releasing on the 3DS eShop starting 2014.

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