Monday, March 25, 2013

PAX East 2013: Late Day 3 Report

Well, it has been a day since we got back from Boston, so I might as well let you all know what we did on our last day at PAX East!

First off, we got there late, thanks to the whole checking-out situation and finding a place to park near the convention center.  Apparently everyone else had that same issue, as it added as much as a half-hour to our trip to the convention.  Because of that, we missed most of the Who Wants to Be a Nintendoaire panel we intended to go to that morning.  At least we got to see the last couple moments of the panel once we got there.  We would have gone to another panel or two, but we had a lot to cover, so we spent the rest of our time at the expo hall.

It seemed more crowded for a Sunday this year.  Perhaps more people had not seen everything during the first couple days.  Either way, we got to play and look at a few more games: Capcom's Lost Planet 3, Capy's Super TIME Force, Nyamyam's Tengami, Facepalm Games' The Swapper, Red Barrels' Outlast, and Experimental Gamers' Boot Hill Heroes.  We even got to see the final presentation of Twisted Pixel's next project: LocoCycle.  Looking back, we did cover more this Sunday than last year's PAX East, but even so, we could have done a bit more if we had the energy to interview more people.

We will have a full postmortem after the videos are all uploaded, but from the looks of it, that should be a while, thanks to all the videos we have to get edited.  Expect impressions with the videos, so long as one of us played the game we recorded (unfortunately, we did not play EVERY game we are covering here, but we have plenty of games for you to see up ahead).

The drive back was solid, but we had issues thanks to our GPS system and its crazy ideas.  Oddly enough, we matched the time getting up to Boston, which has not been the case in the last couple years in which the return trip was faster, but either way, it was a smooth ride outside of some glitches here and there.

Stay tuned, everyone! Our videos are going to start rushing in as early as tonight!

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