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NYCC 2011: yyrgames

Our adventure into this year's New York Comic Con was not exactly as peachy as we would have liked, but when is a convention not stressful? We were only able to attend the Thursday and Friday events for both economical and physical reasons, but we got a handful of videos and impressions to make for you all.


Xbox Live Indie Games does not get much of a good wrap; it is filled to the brim with poor graphics, hastily-prepared cash-ins, and all-around inadequate gaming experiences. However, there are a number of developers trying to make the service something respectable. One of those arcade-loving developers, yyrgames, had a booth at New York Comic Con showcasing two of the company's latest endeavors, and we got to try them out.

Yyrgames began its XBLIG lineup a couple years ago with Snake360, a fast-paced arcade title which took the basic snake concept and created hundreds of levels, multiple difficulty options, and a battle mode. However, Aaron Teplitsky, the mind behind yyrgames, thinks he can do so much more with the concept than make a few more modes.

Enter Snake361, a sequel with quite a bit more. On top of having the campaign levels from its predecessor, the game adds a myriad of new levels with new elements. For example, as you complete one level, the world expands, and your snake is as big as it was before; in other levels, which end you control swaps with each piece collected. Teleporters and other obstacles also come into play over time, ensuring a more intense snake experience. There are also leveling elements, replay recording, and a level editor with sharing elements to round out the game's contents.

And expanded level with teleporters to boot!

Another addition to the game is a set of 100 Challenges, which set speeds and certain rules on the player. At the yyrgames booth, Snake361 had a set of challenges to run through, and I found myself in a round of sudden intensity. One challenge, for example, required the level be finished in 17 moves, which promptly ended poorly for me. Another challenge rushed my snake around a level with pathways only one block-width in size. Needless to say, these challenges took me out in rapid force. By the way, for those who worried about using the Xbox 360 control stick, the game can be played with the face buttons or any other control input, including dance pads!

Battle Mode has also been improved, with lots of option to play with.

From the content-heavy to the content-crazy, yyrgames debuted its newest game at the show, also debuting its Mostly Random Games line. The game is simply titled B.F.T., which stands for Bungee Ferret Tossing, and the game involves all three of those words, with the addition of terrorists and explosions. In the game, terrorists have started to make their evil advances, and in order to stop them, one stealth helicopter and one brave soldier fly across enemy lines with but one weapon that truly works: explosive ferrets.

In-game, players control both the helicopter and the soldier on the bungee, but no matter what, the soldier sways back and forth in the air. Pressing any button causes a ferret explosive to be launched following the soldier's direction, hopefully toward the enemy. Over time, other ferrets are available, including proximity ferrets, timed ferrets, and more; unfortunately, the terrorists will only be getting stronger as the missions continue.

Graphically, B.F.T. is very simple, full of programmer art and simply-drawn characters. Teplitsky acknowledged this and made it known that he would be tweaking the graphics as well as he could. As for the game itself, it had a little bit of repetition going for it, but for a short and super-cheap experience, it might not be a bad game to try out when it is fully completed.

We spoke in length with Teplitsky about his current projects and any insights regarding the XBLIG services. In the interview, he also confirmed that his game SharpShooter is in the process of being ported to Windows Phone 7 and eventually Android. He might venture into further developments, but the two XBLIG titles are his big projects for now.

The first yyrgames product to become mobile.

Those interested in trying out his latest products can try out Snake360, CardArcade, Falling, and SharpShooter on XBLIG right now. B.F.T. will be available for 80 points late 2011, and Snake361 will be releasing "when it is ready," though 2012 is assured. Check below for our full interview.

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