Sunday, April 8, 2012

PAX East 2012 Day 3 Synopsis

Ah, finally home at last, and finally time to tell you what appeared for us this last day at PAX East 2012!

Our day began with an interview of Zeboyd Games, the proud developer of The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3, and from there we ventured into the Mega Indie Booth and shot footage of a number of games we had not gotten to the days before.  While interviews were scarce today, we did get what we could of particular games so we could show them all to you in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, we went to the Square-Enix booth for some extra coverage.  N-Space's Heroes of Ruin was unable to be recorded, but I got to play some of it briefly.  Let me say its 3D is superb, and it looks like there will be plenty of scavenging to be done for the best loot.  Footage was shot for Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (which was a big crowd-gatherer, thanks to Penny-Arcade themselves), Quantum Conundrum, and Sleeping Dogs.  I wish we could have had more from them, but time was not entirely on our side today.

We got to grab footage of some Kinect tiles being shown, particularly Crimson Dragon and Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.  We returned to Nintendo's booth for some extra Mario Tennis Open footage, and we got a couple minutes more footage of Wayforward Technology's Double Dragon Neon!

As we neared the end of our time at the show, we spoke with smaller developers Muteki and Wither Studios, and with them we got to see sneak peeks on their upcoming projects, Dragon Fantasy Book 2 and Crowman & Wolfboy.  Expect to see more of those games soon!

In terms of panels, we opted to relax and listen to the Penny-Arcade Q&A 2 panel, and from there we made a quick look around the floor once more and made our way back home...which took at least an hour longer than anticipated.  PAX Easter sounds great, but we hope this will not be a regular occurrence, unless our cars can turn into jets!

Anyways, with all of that completed and our tired bodies in need of hibernation, we ask you all to wait a little while as we prepare our many videos from PAX East 2012.  Our video-editing minion is prepping the coffee maker as we speak.

On that note, to those we met at PAX, it was great to see you all!  And to those who could not make it, we hope the videos bring you a bit closer to the crazy convention that was PAX East 2012!

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