Sunday, April 15, 2012

PAX East 2012: Double Dragon Neon

When people talk about old-school arcade beat-em-ups, particularly one with two brothers with red and blue jackets on, the majority are talking about Double Dragon, a series which has been in hibernation for a number of years.  Wayforward Technologies and Majesco Entertainment recently announced, however, that the brothers had arisen from their slumber to kick city gang butt in their newest game: Double Dragon Neon!

The game was made playable at PAX East 2012 in a small booth filled with a number of newly-released and upcoming downloadable titles.  Despite my desires to try the game out for once, I was unable to get my hands on the game and had to live with watching from the sidelines.  Besides, we here at Third Rate Minion were never really good at beat-em-ups anyways, so perhaps it was for the better.

We did not get to play the game, but we did get to watch it get played!  Watch the above footage to see how the game looks and how the characters move.  It seems to be full of all the usual tropes of the series, starting in Chinatown filled with generic, scantly-clad dominatrices and swaggering pimps along the seemingly never-ending street.  One of the brothers had a whip in his possession, which was a neat twist to differentiate one brother from the other, and there looked to be enough variety and impact in the attacks to keep from being too boring too quickly.

Regardless, Double Dragon Neon comes out this summer for XBLA and PSN.  Get your beat-em-up bros together for some classic beatdowns!

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