Wednesday, April 3, 2013

PAX East 2013: Drop that Beat Like an Ugly Baby!


I know what you might be thinking and no, I do not condone dropping babies, even ugly ones, but I do condone dropping beats like no tomorrow.  While traveling around PAX East's showfloor, I got to sit down and enjoy a playthrough of Dejobaan Games' latest falling arcade game Drop that Beat Like an Ugly Baby, and you can join me for the ride on the video above.

Drop that Beat Like an Ugly Baby (also known as 1...2...3...Kick it! Drop that Beat Like an Ugly Baby) plays like a combination of their last title AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! -- A Reckless Disregard for Gravity combined with the audio evolution brought to us by Audiosurf.  Players control a falling person through a constant barrage of moving shapes and objects which act in part through the musical track playing at the time.  The goal is ultimately to get as close to these objects as possible in order to rack up points.  Hitting an object is not recommended, but it does not result in any Game Over, so said the developer at the PAX demo.

While the game itself will have its own soundtrack, Drop that Beat will allow people to import their own music into the game to see what insanity the game will create.  On top of that, there are a myriad of themes that the team has designed, although only three were shown at the convention (and two are on the video above).  This means that you can not only import a song into the game but see it represented in a multitude of ways, all while falling at terminal velocity toward the ground in style.

The game is currently only on PC, and it controls very well for a game that only really uses the mouse for movement.  I felt very fluid rushing up against giant blue blocks, and by the end of the first level I already felt like a pro.  Perhaps that was the aim of the game, to feel easy and rewarding at first but ultimately hard to master and expand upon as leaderboards and the like grow in scale.  Either way, I like the intensity the demo had to offer, and I look forward to seeing more!

Drop that Beat Like an Ugly Baby comes out this year along with Drunken Robot Pornography and Monster Loves You, two other projects made by Dejobaan Games.

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