Friday, April 12, 2013

PAX East 2013: High Strangeness

In the midst of the Indie Megabooth, you may have noticed a game which appeared to be an 8-bit style adventure and then suddenly upon re-inspection be an 16-bit action adventure.  Do not be alarmed, as that is all part of the same game, Barnyard Intelligence Games' High Strangeness.  I got to speak with founder Ben Shostak about the game and its influences.

In High Strangeness, you play as Boyd who awakes to find his house infiltrated by dark beings called Shadow Men.  In his adventure to stop the evil behind the Shadow Men, Boyd finds a Crimson Skull which allows him the ability to change between dimensions, which are depicted as 8-bit and 16-bit graphics.  The 8-bit version of the world is more simplistic, making pathways through more complex areas and forcing Boyd into 4-direction movement.  Meanwhile, the 16-bit world gives Boyd complete movement and more combo attacks as well as other additions that can allow him better traversal through certain obstacles.

The demo did not elaborate a whole lot about the game outside of a small area at the start of the game, but the music sounds stellar with Disasterpiece and then some working on the soundtrack, that is for sure.  High Strangeness is prepped for release this year on PC and Mac with others pending.

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