Monday, April 8, 2013

PAX East 2013: Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Some of you may remember an indie title involving a young boy named Max and a magic marker.  Well, he is back, but this time, developer Press Play is making it exclusive to Xbox Live Arcade in: Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.

In The Curse of Brotherhood, Max comes home one day to find his little brother, Felix, playing with HIS stuff in HIS room. Frustrated, Max looks online to find a way to get rid of his brother and finds a strange poem on a website. After reading it aloud, a vortex opens, and a large claw reaches into the room, grabs Felix, and pulls him into the void. Without hesitation, Max leaps after his brother and begins his journey to save him from a world filled with evil. Luckily, Max has the power of a magical marker which can manipulate the world around him. With the mystical marker, will he be able to save his brother from before its too late?

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood plays like a 2D platformer with 3D graphics and physics. While Max can jump and climb, those actions will not be enough to avoid deadly spikes and raging monsters. Using the power of the magic marker, Max can change the environment in multiple ways such as creating vines to swing on or jets of water to push Max forward. At one point in the demo, Max used the marker to manipulate the vines, join them together making it one large vine, and then cut it so the player could swing Max over a wide chasm. Another part had Max raising up the ground with the marker so he could create more vines that would help him avoid a spike trap. Obviously manipulating the environment is the major focus of the game as well as running form massive monsters sent to squish the young boy. 

With a variety of environments and creative manipulation puzzles, Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood is an Xbox Live Arcade title that people should keep an eye out for. Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood is due sometime in Q2 2013.

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