Monday, April 8, 2013

PAX East 2013: Super TIME Force


Capy and Double Fine shared a booth at this year's PAX East, and Capy's contribution was its action shooter time explosion experience that is better known properly as Super TIME Force.  I got to see it at last year's PAX East, but this year I finally got my hands on a controller and play the game with the help of Tech Director Kenneth Yeung.  You can see that playthrough in the video above.

Super TIME Force is an action arcade shooter akin to Contra and Metal Slug.  However, not only is there a large variety between each of the members of Super TIME Force, but dying is but a slight obstacle toward victory.  When a character dies, the game pauses and starts to rewind, allowing players to choose a point on which to respawn and either use the same character or choose from the team anew.  There are still limited lives, however, not to mention a very limited timeframe in which to complete each mission.  If you save a replayed life that is about to die, you regain the life you would have lost.  To help the limited time, the levels are full of hidden Clox which can add time to the total mission limit.  Not only will you find improvements for time, however, but you can also find other warriors to assist in your missions part-way through.

The game is intense, make no mistake.  The graphics may be low-res sprites, but they are heavily animated and move swiftly through the stage.  The game's explosions and graphical effects make the action that much more extreme, and that can occasionally catch you off guard when you are busy seeing spited graphics the way Capy has made the game.  Unfortunately I cannot speak for the music as I was in a loud booth without headphones when I played the demo, but I can only imagine how much more intense the experience would have been with that audible sensation throughout.

It is not an easy game, however, as even touching an enemy can result in instant death, and the need to slow the game down each time a character dies could become a little old in the long-run, though that is just my assumption from the demo.  The game felt very fast-paced and, as an action shooter, it was an exhilarating experience.  While it was a phrase coined by the game itself, I think the term kookabunga matches the experience I had pretty well.

Super TIME Force is expected to release later this year as an XBLA exclusive.

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