Wednesday, April 3, 2013

PAX East 2013: Electronic Super Joy

Among the many games in the Indie Megabooth, Michael Todd Games' Electronic Super Joy was one that particularly caught my eyes and made me suddenly want to rave.  While we did not get an interview for the game, we did grab some showfloor footage of the game.  Warning: there is a lot of color movement, so mind that all you epileptic people!

Electronic Super Joy is a fast-paced platformer in which you face off against an evil wizard who is out to steal everyone's butts.  In order to reach him, you must leap from platform to platform as the world continually moves onward.  Sometimes platforms are too far apart, but thankfully there are objects that float in the air to provide an extra jump or launch you automatically up into the air.  Of course, the game likes to throw on the difficulty to compensate, with some levels hiding platforms amid the flashing colors.  All of this visual intensity is backed up by a grand techno soundtrack by electronic musician Envy.

Electronic Super Joy is planned for release on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices sometime this year.

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