Thursday, April 18, 2013

PAX East 2013: The Miscellaneous Montage and Post-Mortem

Well, it is the end of our PAX East 2013 coverage, if the lack of updates did not tell you enough.  We had a lot of fun and a hefty three weeks of work producing content for you from the showfloor and then some.  On that note, let us first post the Miscellaneous Montage, showing footage from the showfloor that we wanted to share in some fashion but did not find it usable with a single post.

Games/Areas included in this montage:
Shovel Knight
Two Brothers
Double Fine and Capy Booth
Awesome Cosplay
Battleblock Theater
Gears of War: Judgement
The Last of Us
Dead Island: Riptide
Remember Me
Nvidia Sheild
The HAWKEN Booth
Dive Kick
The PC Freeplay Area
The Tabletop Gaming Area

And with that, we move to the Post-Mortem...

Here you will find our commentary about the games we played, the panels we attended, the travel and accommodations we had while we were there.  We would have talked longer, but we tried to keep it at least somewhat close to last year's post-mortem.  On that note, we had a great time, and we hope we can top this year in 2014!  Of course, we still have a year to go, so we'll settle with focusing on our normal content and E3 once we get to the end of May.  Feel free to let us know how you felt about our coverage this year!

And with that, we will see you all soon!

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