Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Aksys Games Bringing Jikandia to US

Aksys Games has announced that it is bringing Jikandia: The Timeless Land to PSP in Spring 2011.

The land of Jikandia is one where time does not exist, at least until monsters arrive and set the cogs of time in motion! Being so used to a world without time, the people are faced with world-shattering chaos, but with newly-gained powers and a desire to help, spirit Temtem calls for help from the nine heroes of legend. Unfortunately, all that does is suck nine school kids into the newly-temporal world, and with only a boy named Al making it to the right location, he must go save each of his eight friends and the world of Jikandia if he wants to get back home.

Jikandia is a dungeon crawler in which players have a specific time to complete a dungeon and defeat the boss. Where it differs from most is that players specify the time limit for the dungeon before progressing. The higher the time is, the more difficult and equally rewarding the dungeon. The environment, chests, and enemies change with each chosen limit, making dungeons extremely replayable.

The game also comes with a special 4-player Colosseum Mode in which players battle it out amid a myriad of traps with a number of settings to choose from.

Aksys Games is the publisher of a number of Japanese game niche titles, including the Guilty Gear series, as well as smaller downloadable titles, including the BIT.TRIP series by Gaijin Games.

SOURCE: Aksys Games' News

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