Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekly Releases: 11/7/10

Yeah, we've been quite late with this, but trust us, there are games coming out this week!

Significant Releases

Call of Duty: Black Ops (360 / PS3 / Wii / PC / [DS not pictured])

Developer: Treyarch (Call of Duty: World at War), n-Space (Call of Duty DS Titles)
Publisher: Activision

Another year, another Call of Duty title. Treyarch returns to bring us a darker venue in the world-traveling first-person shooter military experience. The game takes place during the Cold War, and players will venture through the game as multiple soldiers, including Special Serviceman Alex Mason and and CIA agent Jason Hudson, as they travel behind enemy lines to complete covert and sometimes highly-destructive missions. As for the multiplayer modes, the game is similar to the Modern Warfare titles, but this time it focuses more on customization and socialization. Still, fans of Call of Duty will certainly enjoy this title.

The Sly Collection (PS3)

Developer: Sucker Punch (Original Sly Series), Sanzaru Games (Secret Agent Clank PS2)
Publisher: Sony

The next PS2-to-PS3 collection has arrived. Sucker Punch's Sly Cooper series was a three-game franchise starring Sly Cooper, the only living descendant of the Cooper Clan, known best for its thievery from villains the world over. Each adventure takes Sly through a number of heists through which he and his friends Bentley and Murray conjure up in order to collect his family's book, destroy the remains of his archnemesis, and reclaim his family's fortune. The collection increases the graphical performance of the games and includes full 3D implementation and a few Playstation Move minigames alongside the trilogy.

FlingSmash (Wii)

Developer: Artoon (Yoshi's Island DS, Blue Dragon)
Publisher: Nintendo

Perhaps this title is the most straight-forward one in a long while. FlingSmash takes you in control of Zip, a little guy with a lot of pep, and in order to defeat an evil that is taking over the jungle, you have to fling him toward blocks, enemies, and much more in order to smash your way to victory. The game is bundled with the new Wii Remote Plus, a Wii Remote with built-in Motion+ technology. Furthermore, the game allows for multiple players at once, so if you consider it a pack-in title along with the Wii Remote Plus, it has a nice value to it.

Other Releases:
The Fight: Lights Out (PS3 Move)
Crescent Pale Mist (PSN)
Guwange (XBLA)
Super Mario 25th Anniversary Wii + DSi Bundles
Nickelodeon Fit (Wii)
Rune Factory 3 (DS)
Knights of the Nightmare (PSP)

Previous 10 Weeks:
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10/24/10 - Fable III / Rock Band 3 / BIT.TRIP FATE
10/17/10 - Kirby's Epic Yarn / Fallout: New Vegas / Super Meat Boy (XBLA)
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10/3/10 - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow / Shantae: Risky's Revenge / NBA Jam
9/26/10 - Dead Rising 2
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9/12/10 - Halo: Reach / Prof. Layton and the Unwound Future / Playstation Move
9/5/10 - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep / Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
8/29/10 - Metroid: Other M


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