Sunday, November 14, 2010

EA's Bringing Us Some Fancy Pants

Electronic Arts has announced that it is bringing an new, large-scale version of the flash game sensation The Fancy Pants Adventures for downloadable release next year.

The Fancy Pants Adventures was originally a set of flash platforming adventure titles in which players control Fancy Pants Man in large, open levels through use of a myriad of parkour-esque actions and momentum-influenced leaps. In this new adventure, Fancy Pants Man must venture through a new world in order to save his sister, Cutie Pants. The game will not just contain content from the flash adventure, but it will also have a multitude of new enemies, locations, and weapons for Fancy Pants Man to use in his quest to save his sister.

FPA was originally developed by Brad Borne, and his company Borne Games is working alongside Over the Top Games and EA 2D in order to bring the game to consoles. Over the Top Games is known for NyxQuest and its involvement with Dive: The Medes Island Secret alongside Cosmonaut Games. EA 2D has worked on free online titles such as Mirror's Edge 2D and WeeWar.

The Fancy Pants Adventures will be releasing this upcoming Spring on XBLA and PSN. Despite the development of this title, Fancy Pants Adventure World 3 will still be released at some point on online gaming websites in the future.


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