Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sly Cooper 4 Teased

In the recently-released Sly Collection is a teaser trailer which hints at the development of Sly Cooper 4, revealing that Sony is producing the title and answering the wishes of numerous fans.

After collecting all three Platinum Trophies in The Sly Collection, players unlock a special section labeled "?????." Selecting this particular section shows a short video which opens to the sight of a large building with search lights and walking guards. The silhouette of our familiar Raccoon arrives, carrying his token staff. Just as the action is about to start, the logo appears.

Sly 4 and a Question Mark, clearly for the inevitable subtitle. The graphics are not as well-modeled as those in other Sucker Punch titles, but there is certainly time to tighten things up. With no date or any data released otherwise, we cannot state even whether Sucker Punch is developing it or if someone else is.

The Sly Collection, out now, is an HD collection of the PS2 trilogy of Sly Cooper, the latest member of the Cooper clan, a band of thieves against the unjust. It upgrades the visual quality of the games and includes 3D support to the games and a number of Move-based mini-games.



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