Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yar's Revenge Back with a Vengeance

In a continuation of classic Atari franchises coming back in the new generation, Atari has announced that it is bringing out Yar's Revenge, developed by new developer Killspace Entertainment.

Yar's Revenge was originally a simple shooter in which players move a fly around a screen in an attempt to destroy the Qotile station on the other side. The station is surrounded by a shield which must be destroyed slowly in order for a large attack known as the Zorlon Cannon to be fired from outside the battlefield. However, the player must cross an attack-protecting barrier before being able to destroy the protective shield. Also, the dome fires off swirls periodically which can penetrate even the barrier that protects the character. It sounds more complicated than it really is.

This new adventure brings about a brand new twist to the game. Players assume the role of a Yar who was brainwashed by the Qotile Empire, but once she breaks free from it, she decides to go back and destroy what had taken her.

The game is designed in an anime style, and while no gameplay footage has been released, an interview from Big Download reveals that the game will be a fast-paced shooter which is apparently akin to Star Fox and Panzer Dragoon. Sounds like it could be a winner!

This comes as the second major retro-to-new project for Atari as of late. The company's first major announcement regarding reborn franchises was Haunted House, which released as a Wii Retail title and a game on XBLA in the Fall. Rumors have also spread on other games such as Centipede getting the rebirth treatment.

Yar's Revenge is expected for release on XBLA, PSN, and Steam in Spring 2011.

Killspace Entertainment was founded in early 2009 by members of a number of companies, including Obsidian Entertainment, Pandemic Studios, Red 5, and EA LA. Besides Yar's Revenge, the company is working on another large project with a large publisher, but no announcement has been made.


SOURCE: Big Download

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