Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Project Sword is now Infinity Blade

Epic Games and Chair Entertainment have announced the final project of what became of Project Sword: Infinity Blade, coming to iOS soon.

A couple months ago at September's Apple Special Event, Epic Games announced that it had been developing the Unreal 3 Engine onto iOS hardware. The developer of its debut game using the engine was unveiled to be Chair Entertainment, the newly-acquired developer behind Shadow Complex for XBLA back in 2009. In hopes to spur hype on the graphic engine, Epic Games released Epic Citadel to iOS devices shortly after the event, but that was only a taste of Project Sword.

Infinity Blade is a sword combat game in which players use the touch interface to control a knight as he fights one big boss after another. The game takes players into a large, ominous castle, and as they defeat each large enemy, players can upgrade their skills and sword techniques to get the upper hand on the next big baddie. Ultimately, once all monsters are vanquished, players will have to fight off against the baddest baddie of them all: the God-King.

Chair has promised that it will be producing downloadable content for the game, free of charge. One of the upcoming modes through DLC will be multiplayer, through which players can fight against one another via iOS's Game Center.

Infinity Blade will see release this holiday season. Epic Citadel, a free app which allows exploration through a medieval village and castle, is currently available for download.

Source: Epic Games

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