Thursday, February 3, 2011

Animales de la Muerte Vive!

Developer High Voltage Software told IGN recently that its WiiWare title Animales de la Muerte is not dead but has, in fact, been switched to XBLA, PSN, and Steam releases.

Originally announced in 2008, Animales de la Muerte is an overhead shooter title in which players control little children in a Mexican zoo gone bananas. Animals are becoming dangerous zombies, and the old man running the zoo wants them put out of their misery. Alone or cooperatively, players are then thrust into the colorful zoo to kill off the zombies and save the ones not yet turned. It vanished shortly after the announcement, citing filesize issues as the cause of the project freeze.

Now, in an IGN interview, High Voltage stated that it was bringing Animales de la Muerte to other download systems, once Conduit 2 is completed. A WiiWare port could be made, but their previous efforts were not met with grand success.
It could very well be for WiiWare, as well. We did some WiiWare stuff ( Gyrostarr, High Voltage Hot Rod Show) and it did okay. We didn't lose money on any of that. But I would say it wasn't encouraging enough that we would be doing a ton of stuff [on WiiWare].
-Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer, High Voltage Software
No release date has been set for the newer version of the title, nor has any new screenshots or video been released. We can expect the game to be shown off at GDC, along with High Voltage Software's current 3DS offering. It's other major project, The Grinder, is still waiting for a publisher to pick it up.



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