Thursday, February 3, 2011

Namco Announces Tales of Graces F for US

After over a week of teasing gamers with a few puzzles and a poorly-distorted logo, Namco Bandai Games has announced that it is bringing Tales of Graces F to western shores.

Last week, Namco Bandai posted a link from its Facebook page which led to a picture of hieroglyphs, supposedly spelling out a particular hint for a game announcement. Before the first hint could be released, people already deciphered the whole passage: Ataleoftworichards. Looking up this website, which was also owned by Namco Bandai, gamers were treated to the below teaser image.

The message.

The teaser image.

That image looks REAL close to the Tales of Graces F logo, and being caught off guard, Namco Bandai changed the logo several times over the course of last week, hinting at multiple announcements beyond this one, but the biggest cat was already out of the bag. At least it was not a misunderstanding, this time around.

Tales of Graces F is the PS3-edition of Tales of Graces for Wii with a large additional story segment, improved graphics and tweaked gaming performance. Both versions never saw an American release, however; since Tales of Vesperia was released for Xbox 360 in 2008, there has been no localization of a Tales RPG in the US, including every Nintendo DS iteration of the franchise. Surprisingly, the site does not state outright the consoles the game is on, hinting at a potential multi-console localization.

No release date has been provided, but it will most likely be out this year.

SOURCE: Joystiq

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