Thursday, February 10, 2011

WiiWare Demos Overview #8

Nintendo began to allow Demos for WiiWare, and with each week, there has been at least one new demo released alongside the new titles for WiiWare, Virtual Console, and DSiWare.

In order to help those see what the demos contain, we here at 3RM will explain what each demo contains content-wise relative to the actual game. Overviews are made every so often.

Please note that games which have a bronze rating or higher on the Nintendo Channel will keep their demos longer. In order to vote for the games, you must own the full version and have played the full version for longer than an hour in order to recommend it. Once recommended enough, the game will be given a particular rating on the Nintendo Channel.

This update, we focus on two two-game weeks and expect to do another four-demo roundup this upcoming week, as well.


Fish 'Em All

Developer: Abylight
Publisher: Abylight
Original Release: June 8th, 2009
Price: 800 Wii Points

What is it?
Fish 'Em All! is an arcade experience in which players control Jack and Walter, two old fisherman who encounter fantastical ponds where fish leap right into their nets! Unfortunately, the ponds are also filled with creatures who are willing to get in their way. Players control the selected fisherman, moving left or right across the stage in an effort to catch flying fish with his net with a swing of the Wii Remote. Dodging enemies and jumping over hazards are key to making a big enough catch to succeed. The game features three game modes: Arcade, Challenge, and Fishtris.

What does the demo have?
The demo is actually quite robust, considering the game's focus. Players can select all three game modes and attempt to get the highest score, although that will not be saved in the demo. Challenge mode only allows the first set of challenges to be completed, whereas the other two modes seem fairly open for play. As I was unable to survive long enough to encounter a kill screen on either of those modes, my guess is that the demo will cut players off after a particular environment is encountered.

How does it compare with the full version?
The full game consists of access to all the aforementioned modes without any cut-off and with the ability to save scores. Multiplayer is also available, although whether it is available on the demo, too, I cannot recall. The challenge mode's remaining challenges are opened to the player as well.

Furry Legends

Developer: Gamelion Studios
Publisher: Gamelion Studios
Original Release: July 19th, 2010
Price: 1000 Wii Points

What is it?
Furry Legends is a platforming adventure in which players assume the role of the Furballs, lovable beings whose world of Furland is attacked by the evil Lord Squarie. The purpose of the game is to get the selected Furball to the end of each stage, and over the course of the game, players will have to use each Furball's select FurPowers in order to pass certain enemies and obstacles. The humorous dialogue and wide-open level design make this game unique from other platformers on the service, if the FurBalls did not already do that. The game is, in essence, the first chapter in the overall game; whether a sequel will actually arrive has not been noted.

What does the demo have?
The demo sends players into the game's storybook, only to skip the whole story in favor of the demo itself. Players control a green Furball named Furzzle, who has the special ability of super speed. The game lets players experience the first level of the game, which allows them to encounter some Squarie enemies, use the game's unique tackle gameplay methods, and experience the game's platforming puzzle elements which carry on throughout the full game. Once the demo is completed, players have the choice of returning to the game, leaving to the Wii Menu, or heading to the Wii Shop.

How does it compare with the full version?
The full version of the game allows players to see the full story and venture onward through the game in its entirety, which is said by some to be a five-level experience. While the later levels are much longer than what was demonstrated, the game is still seen as fairly short, but those interested in trying out the rest of the adventure should not be discouraged if they enjoyed what they played. As said earlier, the game is supposedly episodic, with the next chapter apparently on the horizon.

Zombie Panic in Wonderland

Developer: Akaoni Studio
Publisher: Akaoni Studio
Original Release: May 3rd, 2010
Price: 1000 Wii Points

What is it?
Zombie Panic in Wonderland is an arcade shooter in which players control characters from classic tales from east and western corners of the world, all in an attempt to mow down onslaughts of zombie armies and monsters and save Wonderland from damnation. Players can strafe back and forth from a fixed plane, shooting down approaching enemies with various attack patterns to learn and avoid. Thankfully, there are plenty of weapons to bring the hurt on the undead. What further intensifies the experience are the fully-destructible environments, turning once hospitable lands into warzones. All with fairy tale characters to blame!

What does the demo have?
The demo allows players to experience part of the game's Story Mode, in which they can play as Momotaro in one of two different costumes. After selecting the character, a cutscene opens the game, leading to the first stage within the adventure. Starting in a store, the mayhem quickly spreads outside to the streets, where players face off against a number of zombie types, including a number of ninja zombies. The game demo ends after the stage is completed, prompting players with the usual three choices: Buy, Replay, or Quit.

How does it compare with the full version?
Zombie Panic in Wonderland contains a Story Mode which consists of three chapters, each with three stages to encounter. At the end of each chapter, players face off against a large boss, which can be more difficult than the stages beforehand! Players will be able to play the game with seven characters from which to choose. After beating Story Mode, players can enter Arcade Mode, where a special stage awaits. Those interested in what they saw will certainly get a challenge and a treat with the full version.

Racers' Islands - Crazy Racers

Developer: Artefacts Studio
Publisher: Zallag
Original Release: October 4th, 2010
Price: 1000 Wii Points

What is it?
Racer's Islands: Crazy Racers is a racing game in which players control one of six riders in swift races across a number or islands in order to win a the championship. Besides the usual items obtained and used a la Mario Kart, Racers' Islands also gives players the ability to shoot at their opponents with the Wii Remote's Pointer. The game also offers multiplayer races for those who would rather spend time playing with friends than by themselves.

What does the demo have?
One race. By clicking on the "Play Demo" option, players are sent to a race track with a randomly selected character. There is no tutorial and no warning as to what is about to happen. Once a three-lap race around the islands is completed, the game shows the winning scores and proceeds to provide the three end-of-demo options. The bluntest demo ever posted yet on WiiWare.

How does it compare with the full version?
The full version allows players to choose which of the six racers to play as, and the game provides ten tracks (and their mirrored versions) across the same map as the demo's. The game allows for multiplayer, as well, whereas the demo barely gives players a single-player experience to even judge the game correctly.

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