Saturday, February 19, 2011

Third Rate Week: February 6th, 2011 (wait, what?)

Skip the formalities and let us get moving! [A week late :/ ] Also note that the news will be forgone this week due to continuing side projects. However, the news this week will be discussed in the upcoming Third Rate Week video!

This week:
00:22 - 3RM Update (No 3RGP upload, Wii Needs Fixing, Working on GOLP)
01:53 - Game News
-- Hudson Entertainment Closes
-- The Darkness II Announced (Developed by Digital Extremes)
-- Cave Story 3D Announced (Published by NIS America)
-- Activision-Blizzard (No More Guitar Hero, Beachhead Studio, Skylanders)
11:04 - Games We've Played: Super Paper Mario, More Mega Man, Random XBLIGs, Namco Museum Megamix [slipped up and said Remix]
10:35 - Next Week: (it already happened!)

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