Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Am Alive, but Only Available Digitally

Reports this week have revealed that Ubisoft's big project I Am Alive has been undergoing massive development shifts and will finally be seeing a release this year as a downloadable game.

I Am Alive was announced at E3 2008, with a teaser trailer depicting the main character running away from fellow survivors, presumably coworkers, after a catastrophic event destroys the city. The video shows him tossing the men a water bottle, only to have them chase it and crash through a glass floor to their demise. A clip of the city before the destruction ends the trailer, with the game title appearing at the very end. It was given quite a deal of hype then, and it silently vanished from the mind's eye.

The game's development has reportedly not been too good. The original game was being developed by Darkworks, the developer behind Cold Fear, but the game has since shifted to another developer, Ubisoft Shanghai. Prior to that, the game had been officially delayed for further development time, hinting that the game had been in uneven shape even before the developer change.

Jeux Video is apparently reporting, via Ubsioft executive and producer Jade Raymond, that I Am Alive will be seeing a release this year, but not on consoles. Instead, the game will be releasing on XBLA and PSN sometime this year. There has been no media for the game since E3 2008, so hopefully new media will arrive before the game goes three years with nothing to show.

SOURCE: Gamasutra

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