Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly Releases: 2/20/11

Finish off February the right way: with some good gaming!

Significant Releases

Bulletstorm (PS3 / 360 / PC)

Developer: People Can Fly (Painkiller, Gears of War PC)
Publisher: EA

Time to go extreme to the extreme! Bulletstorm is a first person shooter with a unique "skillshot" system in which dispatching enemies in unique ways gives players points which can be used to upgrade skills and weaponry throughout the adventure. Players assume the role of Space Bounty Hunter Grayson Hunt and cyborg Ishi Sato, who have crash-landed on planet Stygia after attempting to take down Dead Echo General Sarrano. With both the two heroes and the baddies on the destroyed planet, it is up to Hunt and Sato to take care of business and escape the monster-infested hellhole they have landed on!

de Blob 2 (PS3 / 360 / Wii / DS)

Developer: Blue Tongue Entertainment (de Blob) [Console Versions]
Halfbrick (Raskulls, Fruit Ninja) [DS Version]
Publisher: THQ

The colorful creature and his posse have returned, this time to all consoles and even handhelds! In this adventure, the evil Comrade Black, masquerading as Papa Blanc, takes over the city and take the color from the world and its people, and now it is up to Blob and his companions to save the day once more. Blob has a number of new abilities this time, including a special dash attack. The game offers a number of side-scrolling sections, allowing players to venture inside buildings and the sewers for the first time in the series. A cooperative mode a la Super Mario Galaxy 2 is also available so players can help each other progress through the adventure! The DS version of de Blob 2 is exclusively side-scrolling and takes place between the two console games.

Killzone 3 (PS3)

Developer: Guerilla Games (Killzone Series)
Publisher: Sony

Continuing the epic first person shooter franchise, Killzone 3 takes place immediately following the second, after killing the Helghast's dictator. Without a leader, factions of the Helghast Empire are brought into a power struggle, and with an impending invasion of Earth on the horizon, it is up to Sev and Rico to gather the last of the ISA together in order to quell the invasion and end the conflict once and for all. Players will venture through various harsh environments and take flight on jet packs throughout the campaign, and Playstation Move will be usable for the game.

Other Releases:
Trackmania: Build to Race (Wii / DS)
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (PC)
Duke Nukem: Critical Mass (DS / PSP)
Radiant Historia (DS)
Knights Contract (PS3 / 360)
Trapped Dead (PC)
Grey Matter (PC)

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