Thursday, February 3, 2011

Twisted Pixel Pulls Kinect's Strings

Developer Twisted Pixel announced this week an upcoming game for XBLA which exclusively uses Kinect for game control: a shooter-platformer entitled The Gunstringer.

The Gunstringer is a combination of a shooter and platformer, in which players control a skeleton cowboy as if he were a puppet. Based on the trailer, players hold both hands outward as if they were holding puppetteer hardware, and by making a hand into a gun, players should be able to point and fire at enemies as they make their way toward the Gunstringer. The game has both on-rails segments where players can shoot and move the Gunstringer to dodge enemies and side-scrolling levels where players can use the puppeteer equipment to pull him up and make the jumps necessary to survive.

The reveal trailer opened by poking fun at gaming controllers (but not a 360 controller, oddly enough) before providing players with the Kinect gameplay mechanics. It looks a little rough right now, but we have no idea when it will release, so perhaps it has a little longer to cook.

The game will apparently feature cooperative gameplay modes, but whether the game will be retail or XBLA is unknown currently. Seeing that Twisted Pixel's last ventures have been on XBLA (some exclusive), it seems logical to assume an XBLA release. No date has been given.

Besides The Gunstringer, Twisted Pixel is currently working on Ms. Splosion Man, a sequel to the XBLA hit Splosion Man, expected for release this summer.



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