Monday, December 13, 2010

Prototype 2 for 2012

Developer Radical Entertainment and Activision have announced that they are producing the sequel to 2009's Prototype, taking a new lead while remaining as destructive as possible.

Prototype 2 shifts positions of the game's protagonist from Alex Mercer, the Prototype being who destroyed most of New York City, to Sergeant James Helen. James returned home from the war overseas to find that he had lost his loved ones and, in an effort to kill himself, enlisted himself to fight in the Red Zone, the area Alex and all of the first game's monsters attacked. However, as James notes, he is instead infused with the same powers Alex was given, and now his mission has changed to hunt down his creator.

Prototype 2 appears much like its predecessor, where players move the character within an open city, using their powers at their discretion to survive, whether it meant to destroy everything or to use the powers strategically.

Slated for some time in 2012, the game is still a little rough, but in time, it could match or exceed the quality of the original product.

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