Monday, December 13, 2010

SSX Gets Deadly

After years of holding back on the franchise, EA Sports has announced SSX: Deadly Descents for all platforms, as one of the many announcements from Spike TV's VGA awards show this year.

SSX was a series created by EA Sports BIG in which players raced down mountains and other snow-covered courses while doing tricks in order to gain speed and ultimately make it to the finish line. The tricks and series craziness peaked with SSX Tricky, and the emphasis of the mountain ride became the focus for SSX 3. SSX On Tour introduced skis and took a more punk approach to the game's art design, while SSX Blur took SSX 3, merged in some On Tour levels and concepts, and threw in motion controls.

Now EA Sports and EA Canada are bringing the series to a darker place.

SSX: Deadly Descents puts players in a crew of snowboarders whose goal is to race down the world's most deadly mountain tops before anyone else. These range from the heights of the Himalayas, where racers have to race down face before they run out of oxygen, to the coldest lands of Antarctica, where a wrong move will send the snowboarders to deathly cold terrain.

Of course, the series mainstay of insane tricks will remain, as far as the PR statement reads. The teaser trailer, only CGI and not gameplay footage, gives a sense of the intensity the game will have. The ultimate question is: will it be as crazy as the previous SSX games?

The game is slated for all platforms on its website.

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