Thursday, December 9, 2010

WiiWare Demos Overview #3

Two weeks ago, Nintendo debuted demos for WiiWare titles. It appears as though every week, a new demo will be released, and from then on, the demos have a month to do as much as possible, but some demos will last longer if they are given high enough rankings on the Nintendo Channel, if BIT.TRIP developer Gaijin Games is to be believed.

And it seems we have our first demo which releases alongside the full version. Expect this to be a trend in the coming weeks.



Developer: Curve Studios
Publisher: Nintendo
Original Release: December 6th, 2010
Price: 1200 Wii Points

What is it?
Fluidity is a "hydro action" adventure title in which players tilt the world in order to manipulate a pool of water around a colorful world in order to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. The world of Fluidity is based in Aquaticus, a living tome which has been recently attacked by a dark entity known as the Influence. Using the remaining clean water within the book, players and the magic book must work together to save it from the dark Influence. The point of the adventure is to collect Rainbow Drops to clean each world, located around each locale for people to find, but players will need to manipulate the world and sometimes the water itself in order to pass the game's myriad of obstacles.

What does the demo have?
The demo does not waste time with the backstory, and instead it pulls you right into the tutorial of the game. Once completed, the game will sends you to the world selection screen, with only the first world accessible. In the first world, located in the countryside, players are given the chance to explore and find three specific Rainbow Drops throughout the world. Along the way, players will be able to learn how to fight enemies, use switches, make jumps, and avoid dangers. One of the game's powerups will be available for players to use at one point in the demo, but once the third Drop is found, the demo ends, allowing to replay it or go to the Wii Shop or Wii Menu.

How does it compare to the full version?
Fluidity has four worlds total, one of which was the countryside level played in the demo. While that may appear small, there are more than 80 Rainbow Drops to collect, some requiring vigorous world exploration along the way. Players will earn more powerups and be capable of changing the water into ice and clouds in order to solve puzzles. Besides the main four worlds, there are four bonus levels available upon collecting enough puzzle pieces scattered throughout the game. There is certainly a good amount of content in the full game, and yet the demo gives a pretty good idea how the game plays in the long run.

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