Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sega Announces Binary Domain

Sega has officially announced a new project from Yakuza series-creator Toshihiro Nagoshi: a third-person shooter action title called Binary Domain.

Binary Domain is a fast-paced shooter in which players follow an international peace-keeping squad in their attempts to quell an impending robot invasion of 2080 Tokyo. As the game progresses, the team starts to question its motive as its members witness the machines become more human and the humans become more robotic.

While no actual gameplay footage has been demonstrated, the trailer gives the impression that the game will be a third-person shooter with a focus on team-based strategy.

The game is said to contain a very powerful AI system which should help to emphasize the blur between man and machine, but that remains to be proven. Also, online modes are being highly integrated, as well, allowing for cooperative and potentially counter-operative game modes.

Nagoshi-san had this specifically to say about the product:
Usually games have a simple theme, but if we aim to maximize the appeal of a game as interactive entertainment, we need to develop more sophisticated themes that tie into every aspect of the game. I have made many attempts to link a game heavy in drama to a highly enjoyable and immersive gameplay experience and with Binary Domain every setting and mechanic in the game is designed to revolve around “Life”.

To further visualize this idea, I started to create “Binary Domain”. The core concept of this game from the beginning is life; the project code name from the start was in fact “Inochi”, which means “life” in Japanese. The most distinctive way of differentiating a creature from a machine is “life”. However, we also know that machines can be given a form of life when created by man. Is it possible that the differentiation is becoming less clear and machines are actually becoming more like humans?
Interesting thoughts, there. According to a number of sources, the game is in development with Sega's Yakuza team as well as an unnamed western developer.

Binary Domain is set for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 next year.


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