Sunday, January 9, 2011

Avatar Kinect Connects Avatars

At CES last week, Microsoft unveiled its newest software addition to its Kinect hardware: a unique avatar chatroom program called AvatarKinect.

AvatarKinect was announced at Microsoft's CES conference, unveiled by Steve Ballmer's avatar self. He stated that Kinect, which could only take full body movements, would now be capable of showing facial expressions, including mouth movements and eyebow shifts. Not mentioned was finger movement, even though the mileage varied from his unveiling to the actual trailer.

AvatarKinect is a special chat program in which up to eight friends can come together online and communicate with one another, Avatar to Avatar. Mostly while sitting down, each person's facial movements and voices will be picked up and sent to everyone in the room. Each conversation can be put into a multitude of sets (the trailer claiming over 15) to fit particular scenarios. Furthermore, people can upload less-than-ten-minute conversations onto the Kinect Share website and then be uploaded to Facebook and perhaps other social networks.

The new software update, which will come with AvatarKinect, will be releasing this Spring.


SOURCE: joystiq

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