Friday, January 14, 2011

Maximilian Gets Muddled

In his personal blog, Jools Watsham, the co-creator of DS developer Renegade Kid, has unveiled that the company's project, Maximilian and the Rise of the Mutant Mudds, is now canceled, citing a lack of interest by people on the Internet.

The head of development wanted to justify the existence of the game onto the DSiWare service, since the game had failed to cater to any particular publisher's interests. The game, originally announced by IGN in 2009, starred young nerd Maximilian in his attempt to stop a slew of giant mutant mudmonsters aptly named Mudds from taking over the world. The third-person shooter-adventure did not get a publisher, but Renegade Kid felt that the game could see a release on DSiWare, provided the desire was high enough.

So Watsham made an offer: 1000 comments toward a purchase of the game on a particular blog post would warrant the game's release, provided it happened within a month. Unfortunately, it only garnered 452, even with a banner posted on GoNintendo's website for the duration.
I realize that Max may not seem special to some people. But, I believe Max could have been a very special addition to the DSiWare library.
-Jools Watsham, Game Director and Founder, Renegade Kid
Renegade Kid is still producing a number of projects as of late. In another post, Watsham stated that the developer is working on at least one 3DS project and two DS projects aimed as being value-oriented games. Its newest game, ATV Wild Ride, is releasing this month.

TRAILER (of what could have been)

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