Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Third Rate Week: Week of January 16th, 2011

This is Third Rate Week (3RW), a usually weekly video in which we talk about the events happening on 3RM's website, what gaming news has occurred, what games we've been playing, and what we can expect in the upcoming week.

This week:

00:34 - 3RM Update (3DS Article, Setting up Third Rate Game Play)
02:06 - Game News
-- Company Closures (Bizarre Creations, Propaganda Games, Hudson)
-- Square Enix Event (FFXIII-2, FFXIII Versus, Type-0, Kingdom Hearts 3D)
-- Nintendo's 3DS Events (Launch Titles, Price Tag, Special Features)
- Games We've Played: MorphX and Hero Core
10:57 - Next Week: PSP2 Announcement and Dead Space 2 Launch

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