Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Prope Announces Rodea the Sky Soldier

Prope, the developer headed by Yuji Naka which produced Ivy the Kiwi and Let's Tap, has announced its third major game project, Rodea the Sky Soldier, for Wii and 3DS.

Well, at least there was a logo shown...even if Japanese

Players assume the role of Rodea, a robot who has the power of flight. Players point to and press B where they want him to go, shaking the Wii Remote to get him flying toward that location. It is easier to understand watching the trailer, which released this week. Rodea's goal is to protect Garuda, a land of floating continents, from a reawakened ancient empire known as the Naga. Along the way, Rodea is accompanied by Ion, a Garuda girl with an interest in mechanics, and as the game progresses, players will learn why Rodea, a Naga soldier himself, is fighting against his own empire.

The story is being written by Takumi Miyajima, the person behind the story for Tales of the Abyss and Arc Rise Fantasia, so there can certainly be a bit more to the world than just the fantastic views across the adventure.

The game shown off is clearly the Wii version of the game, although a 3DS version is expected to be releasing as well, but there have been no details regarding the portable version. No release date has been given on the game, although it appears pretty far along in development.

Rodea the Sky Soldier comes as the second large project being published by Kadokawa Games, which formed officially in 2009. Its other major project is another Wii game, Earth Seeker, made by Crafts & Meister, the developer run by Noritaka Funami, designer of Street Fighter II. Kadokawa Games is part of the much larger Kadokawa group company which includes magazine publication Enterbrain.


SOURCE: Andriasang

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