Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weekly Releases: 01/02/11

2010 is dead! Long live 2011! And now we begin to come back into the grind of things with gaming releases, right? Maybe not entirely.

Significant Releases

Lost in Shadow (Wii)

Developer: Hudson Entertainment (Deca Sports, Bomberman Series)
Publisher: Hudson Soft

Take the sidescroller genre, toss in some adventure elements, and throw it into the realm of the shadows, and you get Lost in Shadow. Players assume the role of a young boy whose shadow is separated from his body and tossed off of a large tower into the empty wilderness. A Sylph spirit helps you up and aids in your journey to reclaim your body and stop whatever evil is behind it. Players rely not on the world but the world's shadows for travels, so the location of light sources and the positions of objects in the real world are necessary to provide a path to cross through each area. Players will also have to fend off a number of monsters in the shadow realm to prevent from being nothing more than a faint memory. Adventure awaits in the shadows.

ilomilo (XBLA)

Developer: Southend Interactive (R-Type Dimensions, Lode Runner XBLA)
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

With so many puzzle games out there, style is pivotal. Thankfully, ilomilo starts off the year in style quite well. The point of this game is to unite ilo and milo, two cute little characters who are separated by large, multi-dimensional and gravitational levels. When playing alone, players can alternate controls between the two, but when playing cooperatively, only one player can move at a time, although the other player can create a line to help. Through 49 levels, players must move blocks and climb around various types of cushiony cubes in order to make their way to bring the two back together.

Raskulls (XBLA) - Yeah it came out last week but...

Developer: Halfbrick (Monster Dash, Fruit Ninja)
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Run, smash, and dash your way to the finish line! Raskulls is a platforming-racer title in which players choose a Raskull, a skeleton-headed being with which to race against up to three others across multiple worlds of insanity. The game offers a unique single player story mode with humor-filled cutscenes and special challenges strewn about, as well as the usual Grand Prix modes and large multiplayer modes, both online and offline. As players run and jump across terrain, they will have to smack colored blocks to make them disappear; any blocks of the same color attached to that smacked block will also disappear. There are also powerups and a special "Frenzy" mode which allows Raskulls to dash and attack at a much faster pace. Just watch out for the King's messages; he has a thing for brick-throwing.

Other Releases:
Get Fit with Mel B (Wii)
StarDrone (PSN)
Emergency 2012 (PC)

Previous 10 Weeks:
12/26/10 - Raskulls (See Above)
12/19/10 - Back to the Future: The Game
12/12/10 - Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition
12/5/10 - World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
11/28/10 - Disney Epic Mickey / Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
11/21/10 - Donkey Kong Country Returns / Gran Turismo 5
11/14/10 - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood / Sonic Colors
11/7/10 - Call of Duty: Black Ops
10/31/10 - Kinect / GoldenEye 007
10/24/10 - Fable III / Rock Band 3 / BIT.TRIP FATE

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