Sunday, January 9, 2011

Portal 2 Moves with Hyrdra

Big-time PC publisher Valve and motion software Sixsense have combined forces to help introduce the new PC motion controller, the Razer Hydra, alongside a special Portal 2 bundle with exclusive content.

At CES this past week, Sixsense debuted its newest motion controller for PC, the Razer Hydra. The Hydra is Sixsense's collaboration with peripheral producer Razer, composed as two handheld devices akin to the Playstation Move controller wired to a base station. Rather than using any camera device, the base emits an electromagnetic field six feet in radius, sensing all movement made by the two wands provided they are within the field.

A picture of the device, from the source article.

Perhaps what truly separates the Razer Hydra from competition is its unique Portal 2 bundle. Expected to be released this April, the Portal 2 bundle will have a unique Portal 2 version which not only allows for Razer Hydra input natively but also contains a number of exclusive puzzles and maps which use the Razer Hydra peripheral! One additional puzzle element was shown at CES; a special crate exists which can be stretched and pulled to the motions of the player's controllers, adding a unique tactile feel to the new puzzles.

The price is expected to be sub-$100, but the price for the bundle has not yet been disclosed.


SOURCE: Joystiq

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